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05/11/15 - Another Big Game ...

Disappointing result to say the least last night, but another big game coming right up. Ahead of that, a couple of things to let you know.

First, thanks for your help in making the display at the Bayern home game work so well – by getting into your seat early (and hopefully dragging others along too). It looked fantastic, really kicked the atmosphere up a notch at the start of the game, and hopefully helped contribute to the fantastic result that night.

Ahead of the Spurs game, we wanted to let you know that there will NOT be any kind of fan led display around kickoff on Sunday. Normally this would be a game where we would plan something - and we had a few things pencilled in. But, this weekend is Remembrance Day, and Arsenal are planning some activities to fully commemorate that (especially since there are important 100th and 75th anniversaries this year). We fully support this, and hope you will raise the roof after the traditional minutes’ silence.

Finally on Sunday, the Rocket is open from midday, with Aston Villa vs Man City on TV from 1:30pm . We’ll have both floors open, plus the outdoor courtyard, and hot food available pre match as usual. After the game, we’ll have 4-pint jugs of Becks Vier for a mere £12.

That’s all for now, see you on Sunday.

Victory Through Harmony


19/10/15 - Get in early for Bayern!

We’ll keep this one fairly short and to the point - we need everybody in their seats by 7:35pm at the latest on Tuesday night for the Bayern game. There will be a display as the teams come out, which will rely on the stadium being full by then.

So we need you in your seat, we need you to make sure that your mates are in their seats, and we need you to spread the word online and in the pubs around the ground, for people to get in early. Last time we did a display like this, it looked fantastic - but it's only possible if everybody is in their seats in time. It looked great last...

30/09/15 - Man Utd game, and FSF weekend of action

Hi all

After a disappointing result last night, another big game just around the corner – where we need fans to be behind the team as ever. Here’s what we have going on, both inside and outside the ground.

The Rocket will be open from midday – across 2 floors and the outdoor courtyard. There will be food available pre match, and the Merseyside derby on TV from 1:30pm. After the game, we’ll be open again – with 4-pint jugs of Becks Vier for £12.

This weekend is the...

24/09/15 - Back in business

Hi all

First e-mail for a while – apologies – we have had a few website issues over the summer. All fixed now, so we wanted to update you on a few things.

The Rocket has had a major refurbishment! This means 2 things.

  • First, The Rocket is now open for midweek games (pre match only). The doors open at 4 pm , and there is food available if you need to eat before the game. We had a good turnout before the Liverpool game with next to no advertising, so hopefully we’ll have an even better crowd starting with the Olympiakos game next week...

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